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How to Make Cooking More Fun with Hitachi Australia

Want to find out how you can make cooking more fun with Hitachi Australia? No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you—it says cooking with power tools. Hitachi Australia, specifically, although any brand would suffice. Why settle for the same-old, same-old cooking experience when you can liven things up in the kitchen by using your handy dandy power tools?

If this is a novel concept to you, read on for some cool suggestions about using power tools to perform routine cooking chores.

 Hitachi Australia in the Kitchen

If the idea of using power tools in the kitchen offends your sensibilities, it shouldn’t. Provided you have kept your tools clean and well maintained, they’re every bit as sanitary as more traditional kitchen implements such as mixers, blenders and electric knives.

The power tool we will be focusing on today is the drill.

There are a variety of ways you can use your power drill in the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes. If you are a male and want to impress your lady love, just think how impressive it would be to cook dinner for her using your power tools.


Let’s get started.

Ways to Use a Power Drill for Cooking

First, go to your Hitachi Australia toolset and get your drill. Then it will be time to start cooking. Here are some ways to adapt your power drill for cooking.

  • Use your power drill as a mixer. This might be the easiest to put into practice. When you stop and think about it, a drill and a mixer have a lot in common. If you didn’t already know this, your girlfriend or significant other will be even more impressed when you cook with your drill! Simply insert a mixing beater into your drill. This offers a distinct advantage over a conventional mixer because with a cordless drill, you can carry your bowl around and mix up a storm wherever you want to take it, instead of being tethered to a wall outlet with a traditional electric corded mixer. Note: If you take it with you to the john, this is probably something you should keep to yourself.
  • Put your power drill to work as a pepper, sea salt or spice grinder. Freshly ground pepper, sea salt or spices certainly taste better, but grinding by hand can be a laborious process. Bring in your trusty Hitachi power drill and remove the threaded knob from the top of your mill. If you have to take the top cap off to make it work, be careful and don’t let all of your peppercorns or other spices fall out. Once it is set up, you’re ready to make more freshly ground pepper, sea salt or other spices than you’ll ever need.

Your power drill can serve as a great whisk for omelets, delicate sauces and other culinary delights. Simply insert the whisk the same way you did for the mixer and you’re good to go. Make gravy without lumps, smooth Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce, whip up some fresh mayonnaise or any number of other tasty treats with your power whisk. Unlike the old fashioned way, your arm won’t get tired!

With Hitachi Australia and Get Tools Direct, cooking is made fun!